Hawaiian Huna (Wisdom) Principals of Philosophy~

a way of navigating life that informs all that is offered at Creative Harmony....

Hawaiian man standing in a waterfall pond offering creative wisdom to the sky in thanks.

It is just one of the many forms of approaches to life (like Buddhism etc) that people can choose intentionally or not, it just happens to be the one that makes sense to Creative Harmony (however everyone's path and philosophy is different and we respect all choices).

  • IKE – The world is what you think it is
  • KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible
  • MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes
  • MANAWA – Now is the moment of power
  • ALOHA – To love is to be happy with
  • MANA – All power comes from within
  • PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

IKE – The world is what you think it is....

What you think is what you create. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest...

If you believe life is hard, so it will be; obviously this refers to the law of attraction as well.

Part of this principal is about our ability to change our life by changing our perspective (and therefore what we attract).

Another part is about Emotion versus Fact.

If we believe life is bad, we will feel life is bad. If something "good" then happens and we feel life is now "good" ~ all that has changed is our Emotional response to life, not "life" as a state of Fact.

In every moment you have the choice of belief and perspective, change this and change the life you create.


KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible.

Everything is possible if you believe it to be so... sometimes we create limitations for ourselves through self doubt, fear, habit or thought ~ we simply don't see "another way", but what if there is always another way, or another choice...the power to change?

An important aspect of this principal is forgiveness. If we are unable to forgive ourselves, or another, there is energy that is "locked" into this idea. This can drain energy (as our attention gives it energy) and it also stops the easy flow of life force in the body....

If you find yourself "holding something" against yourself or another, find the way to let it go....and allow the limitation of creative energy to be lifted.

MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes

Where is your attention? whatever you focus on will expand.... are you focusing on that which you wish to manifest more of in your life? or are you focusing on that which you don't like? Also are your unconscious and conscious mind be in alignment?

If you are saying you want a new job, but unconsciously you don't feel you deserve one, it will be very difficult to manifest.

As you become more aware of these sorts of conflict, you can address them...the more you bring your "minds" into alignment, the more creative magic will flow as you will believe it is possible at all levels.


MANAWA – Now is the moment of power

Hawaiians strongly believe that now is the only moment which exists.This is extremely helpful for living a more empowered, truthful and creative life.

In every moment you have the capacity to create and change, if you are creating something you do not wish, make another choice. It does not matter what has occurred in the past, or will occur in the future, this moment is the moment of creation; focus on this and manifest your dreams.


We quite often operate our lives based on past beliefs, adopted at another moment in time. What if that moment no longer exists? what if the only thing keeping that belief alive is your choice? Take sometime to reflect on your life, your patterns and habits. If you find things which no longer serve you in the now, let them go. You are free (Kala) to make another choice and create a new supportive way of being for yourself in the now.


Image of Aloha a guiding principal in Hawaiian wisdom with flowers
"Aloha" ~ a way of Navigating life.

      The Meaning of Aloha

~The most beautiful Hawaiian word~

Aloha means welcome; what I have you may have, share with me.

Loko maika`i means what I say comes from my heart; I have good intentions.

Olu`olu means happy; happy doing for others,an Hawaiian heritage.

Ha`aha`a means humility & meekness; we are happy to serve.  

Aloha means love; near or far, you are always in our heart.


ALOHA – To love is to be happy with

"Aloha" is a Hawaiian word meaning love, friendship, compassion, and charity, as well as, in its roots, "the joyful sharing of loving energy in the present moment".

To be happy with your life and honour all things, this is the essence of Aloha. The antithesis of Aloha is Piliika (meaning "trouble"~ which in this context manifests as chaos or drama).


In any moment we have the power to choose to create more Aloha or more Pilikia, The more we choose to feel happy with life and generate loving, grateful energy, the more this will be reflected and manifested in our lives, as like attracts like. 

Of course if we are experiencing our life as less aloha than we wish , we can always change ~ ourselves, our perspectives, our goals or situation as Fundamental to Hawaiian wisdom is the ability to change. If you are flexible you can flow more easily with life and share Aloha.

Some daily exercises (courtesy of Aloha International) which will remind you how to be in Aloha are~

  • bless everything/everyone that represents what you want
  • trust yourself
  • expect the best

MANA – All power comes from within

We are the creators of our reality, we possess all the power (life force energy) and tools required to create and manifest our dreams. There may be governing forces that effect the country or town in which we live, but the ultimate authority over how and what we create and attract in our lives, is our own.


There is an element of responsibility for actions and creations implied in this as we choose to "own" our inner authority; it is quite different to the way Western cultures often suggest others are the "authority" in a certain area. Yes a Doctor for example has a lot of knowledge that you may not have, but it is up to our own inner authority to take what they say and choose what is right for us, if you see another Doctor they suggest a different approach or idea. The world is full of opinion and belief, but the only one that truly matters to us as creators, is that which we choose to believe (Ike) and that which resonates with our core beings inner life force.

Hawaiian green sea turtle a creative life form navigating the ocean.
Harmonious Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

How effective a way of being is for you, is a reflection of how in alignment with your path it is.

If it isn't in alignment it will not be "aloha"~ you will not be manifesting ease and joy in your life.

If this is the case, change it, there is always the power to make another choice and find a way that supports you to be in a state of "rightness or goodness" (Pono)~ the state that you would like to be living in and operating from, for yourself and for the benefit of others, whatever that is for you.


In Hawaiian culture they do not believe in "right" and "wrong" there are merely different approaches, ways of perceiving or doing something in life. It is up to you to choose what is suitable for you in every moment (Manawa) this choice is your unique truth; which may of course change over time, as you make choices which keep you in the Pono flow of life; but this part of the fun! Enjoy the journey.


If you would like to learn more, here is a page you may find useful.

(It has a detailed look at each principal with some exersizes. Creative Harmony does not necessarily endorse all that is said, as we have not read all of the article, but your inner authority (Mana) can decide what is suitable and true for you).

*There is some discussion as to whether this is a philosophy of Hawaiian origin as the system itself stems from the works of an American called Max Freedom Long. However it was introduced to me in my Hawaiian teachings and has been verified by the elder Auntie Mahealani as being in alignment with Hawaiian philosophy.