Hahana Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage ~

Relax knowing you are in the hands of a Stone Therapy trained professional...

Lomilomi Hawaiian hot massage stones on a sarong in a creative and harmonious arrangement

Receiving a Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience when performed by a trained professional with volcanic stones shaped by nature for the job.

The style of Hot Stone Massage offered at Creative Harmony is Hahana (the Hawaiian word meaning "Hot" or "Heat"), it is heavily based on Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. The rhythmic and flowing forearm movements with the heated stones is combined with the use of meridians pressure points (as informed by Chinese Medicine) to create a deeply therapeutic experience.


Depending on the type of session you choose, the stones can be used to offer deep relaxation and /or a deep tissue massage that releases the tension and knots from your body like no other style.


Why is it so effective?

our bodies natural responds to the heat is relaxation. This means when it comes to massaging the already relaxed muscles, it is much easier to release even the trickiest of knots.

What does it feel like?

You may have the experience of feeling like the stones just melt into your body. Usually people find it hard to stay away as it is just so relaxing and they can experience vivid dreams whilst sleeping . If a client needs to return to work straight after a treatment Cold Stones can be used to "awaken" their super relaxed body, returning the alertness of mind.


'I had never had massage like this before, but after this experience I will definitely be going back for more! My body was so soothed that every muscle loosened and . Gwynneth has a wonderful touch and was very sensitive to my bodies needs. i had o idea that these amazing stones could be used in such a beneficial way if placed in the hands of a true professional'.

Emma Lutz, teacher.


A harmonious blue image with a creative pile of stones and a list of the benefits of Hawaiian hot Stone massage,

Session Types~

Relaxation:  This is the usual technique employed to lull you and your body into a complete state of blissful relaxation.


Deep Tissue:  This is appropriate if you require more intensive work on problem areas or very tight muscles of the body. there is an element of this incorporated in the relaxation sessions anyway wherever



About the Stones ~

Hot Stones: We are lucky to be using volcanic basalt stones which were naturally formed/smoothed by the action of rivers and the ocean in the beautiful and sacred land of Peru (South America). Basalt was the original type of stone used by Mary Nelson (the founder of modern-day Stone Therapy) and is definitely the most popular type of stone used. It has stood the test of time and shown that it holds heat better than other types of stone. There is also a belief that basalt stones have a certain ‘energy’ which is given off to clients during a massage, enhancing the effects of the treatment.


Our Cold Stones: are Peruvian Marble. Marble stays cold for long periods of time and also has the ability to absorb heat from the body. Cold stones tend to wake clients up quite quickly so are generally only used upon request at the end of a session, however they do feel great on the face and are excellent for reducing sinus congestion, so when appropriate this treatment may be suggested.

Also living in a hot climate, the sensation of cold in contrast to heat can be a desirable. So a mixture of hot and cold stones can be used if the client wishes, the experience will be both invigorating and relaxing, but a degree of alertness will be maintained throughout the session.


A lady lying on a table receiving a Hahana Hot stone Hawaiian massage to bring relaxation, balance and Harmony

Your practitioner at Creative Harmony has been trained in:


  • Technique to get the most benefit from the rocks for you,
  • is Aware of All the Safety Considerations (regarding heat and handling of stones).
  • Knows the Contradictions (see below) for Hot & Cold Stone Therapy
  • and understands the importance of correct Hygiene~  
  • (rocks are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before each treatment).



As with all styles of massage, certain contradictions mean that Stone Massage therapy is not suitable for all clients. For stone therapy these include pregnancy, heart conditions, high or low blood pressure and skin sensory impairment (a reduced ability to feel temperature which can be a result of medication taken or anything that thins the blood or skin, making the client more of less able to sense heat or cold).



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