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100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils:

These quality Oils have the therapeutic benefits without the unnecessarily high price tag. The term "Therapeutic Grade" is a made up marketing tool. An oils therapeutic capacity is due to purity, processing & freshness. Find out more 

Healthy Home: 

Keeping your air clean, healthful and not too dry:

Naturally Organic anti Mould Gel perfect for hot humid & cold damp climates. Zen Ball: Aromatherapy & Humidifier unit to counter dry air and Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils to keep you health and happy.


Products that support good hydration and re-hydration.

 The Zen Ball: keeps you hydrated in air-conditioning and reverse cycle heating for up to 20 hours!

Vouchers & Gifts: Hawaiian Massage (Lomilomi, Pregnancy, Fabulous Feet, Hot stones etc) & Sound Harmony sessions.

5 Session Pass
$425.00 From $375.00
Session Sampler
$450.00 $395.00

Massage & Sound testimonials.....

Testimonials for Creative Harmony Kununurra's lomilomi, pregnancy lomilomi, hot stones and sound healing services.