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Black Cockatoos in WA are ALL Endangered and need out help

What can you do?

  • Plant food for them,
  • put out water,
  • Don't remove large trees on properties that the Cockatoos roost in or feed from,
  • Slow down if they are near the road (they are big birds that take a while to get off the ground,
  • Donate (more below)
  • Report sightings (to the Museum (Ron Johnstone) and there is an app for Bird life Australia) if you are in South West WA,
  • and spread the word, just because we see Cockatoos, doesn't mean there are many, you may just be seeing the same flock.

See more details here on Bird life Australia's page which outlines how to support Cockatoos with food or water or download the file.

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How to Donate:

You can Donate to Bird life Australia or Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Center - which also has a lot of helpful information or the Perth Zoo which also treats many injured Cockatoos.

We will also be donating 10% or more from all photography sold to these places.

Join the Community that seek to help our flying friends and see many more links.