What to do with an injured or dead cockatoo....

Injured cockatoos can sometimes be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. If you find an injured cockatoo, only attempt to rescue it if it’s safe to do so. Injured cockatoos are in shock and may be aggressive and capable of giving a severe bite or scratch.

Cover the injured bird using a large towel, making sure the head is covered. Carefully pick the bird up and place it gently in a secure cardboard box or pet carrier with a second towel lining the bottom. Close the lid or cover the box with a towel and move it to a quiet, dark location. Do not attempt to feed the injured bird.


If you haven’t already done so, call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055. The Black-Cockatoo Conservation Centre (Kaarakin) in Perth also offers a 24/7 rescue service for any injured black-cockatoos.

Call Kaarakin on (08) 9390 2288.


Dead cockatoos are surprisingly useful for research and all cockatoo bodies should be collected where possible. If you find one or more dead cockatoos, please contact Perth Zoo on (08) 9474 0404 (8am–5pm, 7 days). Attach a label to the foot with details of the date and location found and the name of the collector. Place the specimen in a plastic bag. If you can transport it to the Zoo within 72 hours, refrigerate the body, but if storing it for more than 72 hours, put the dead cockatoo in the freezer.