Dreamweaver Dance Workshops~

dance yourself into the mystery of life & magically manifest your dreams with the power of mindful intention combined with blindfolded trance dance.....

 Dreamweaver dance Albany 


"Women's Weekly Workshop" ~ Sacred Dance of Life

 dates - TBA



What could be more wonderful than giving yourself the space and time to relax and let go, diving deep into the flow of you once a month; a space where you turn off the phone, "log off" from the world and tune back into the most precious space of all, you...


This workshop is designed to create a space where you can deeply connect with yourself, your inner wisdom, joy and your body.

To drop out of the rat race of the mind and return to the simplicity of the breath, movement and you. We are all precious and unique individuals, but with the business of life these days it is too easy to loose the deeper connection with self that really is what enriches our life. 


When we are truly connected to self and navigating life from this place there is often more energy, focus, enjoyment and ease of manifestation that can occur. In these monthly workshops you will slowly return to a more balanced way of flowing with life.

Decisions will start to be made by your mind-body-spirit being, not just your mind and when the fullness of your being is in alignment like this a state of immense peace and enjoy may be fostered.


Some individuals may find issues arise as they come to realize certain things in their life are no longer serving them (as is part of any transformational journey), but the support of the monthly workshops will help this shift with ease and grace and the rewards will be immeasurable. 


Every workshop I have run has had mind-blowing outcomes for some participants and always graceful/grateful ones for others.  The sorts of sharing of the heart I have been privy to amaze me as the dance weaves it's magic in peoples lives in ways that are often unexpected and gratefully received.


I have had the honour of sharing this practice for over 10 years now and every workshop is different, as it also depends on the energy that the group creates and the stories the participants are weaving for themselves; I very much look forward to seeing where this monthly magic takes us all. 


Combining sacred trance dance, body wisdom, closed eyes,  mindfulness, yogic and Hawaiian wisdom and intention is such a powerful combination for transformation, if you are the slightest bit interested I suggest you come to a drop in class or get in touch if you have any questions.

If you are already dying to commit to the workshop to secure your place.

This truly is magic and the only way to really understand it is to experience it. 


 If you would like to be kept in the loop for future class times, please email or text and I will let you know.