Dreamweaver Dance ~ 

Weave the life of your dreams, with eyes closed OR blindfolded Trance Dance, focused intention & body wisdom, you'll be amazing at the transformations you create...

A creative head and shoulders shot of a blindfolded woman with the body of the red blindfold flapping in the wind

Trance dance has been utilized for more than 40,000 years as a way of connecting more deeply with self and all things; To return to the point of stillness where creation resides.


Dreamweaver dance makes use of this tool, as well as the amazing capacity we have to create our own reality through mindfulness and focused intention. This dance is a wonderful practice for self exploration and life transformation and yet it is so simple.


The magic of movement to connect you  +  a focused intention for creation  + closed eyes  =  Life transformation


Closed eyes or using a blindfold assists our ability to drop out of the external, into the internal world, enabling us to connect more deeply with our bodies wisdom. Our body hold amazing wisdom and can teach and guide us if we tune in and allow the mystery to unfold.

An image Speaks a 1000 words:  this wonderful painting was inspired by Jeannes Barnes first Dreamweaver dance experience,"Dance of the Kimberley Tribe" .

The benefits of this dance practice...

The benefits of Dreamweaver Dance, as with any meditative/ mindful practice are many and the more you "practice" the more you "receive".


You may not perceive this dance as a form of "meditation", as it can involves fast movements as you allow your body to move with the music, but as you drop out of the mind state, into an embodied one, a certain stillness of mind at the end of the dance can be the result, just like with sitting style meditation.


The mindfulness more comes from the themes and intentions we work with, which invite you to become more aware and make different choices in life that can bring more balance and harmony to life.


Long term benefits of this dance if it becomes a regular practice, or if you take the insights shared and apply them to your own life as well as creating a deeply embodied regular practice for yourself can be:

  • Feeling more embodied and whole in your being
  • A calmer mind
  • Personal insight
  • More joy
  • Feeling more comfortable in your skin
  • Feeling empowered as you know your life's unfolding is your choice
  • More presence and focus in life
  • More magic ;)

Short term the effect vary as it depends what is going on for the individual. After one dance  people have reported feeling:

  • absolute bliss,
  • joyful and more connected to their body and inner compass,
  • immense release as trauma patterning that was stored in their cells is relieved for good, simply by dancing,
  • tired and content and looking forward to the next journey,
  • grateful for finding such a powerful process of transformation that gets the mind out of the way,
  • discomfort as the disconnection between their mind and body becomes more evident,
  • challenged by the "lack of control" in wearing the blindfold.


People who resonate with this dance practice love it and have been known to sign up for weekly classes for years as it supports them to feel more focused and content and able to create the life they wish.

Dreamweaver Dance evolved in 2013 from a dance practice called Essence Dance that Gwynneth used to facilitate in Melbourne, here is one dancers testimonial:

'Essence Dance makes life flow! It allows me to be exactly who I am at this very moment and gives me the momentum and spirit to transform into a "previously unimaginable" me! Thank you Gwynneth for allowing such a joyous space to exist in the world. You are an inspiring guide on this journey'. Chrissy Meyer, Artist 


Dreamweaver dance is offered as:  Classes, Courses, Workshops and as part of Embodiment Retreats.

Qualifications and Experience ~


Gwynneth is a Certified Essence Dance Facilitator (Blindfolded Shamanic Trance Dance with Hawaiian Wisdom) and held classes in Melbourne VIC in 2009-2010. She then created her own dance practice called "Dreamweaver Dance" in which she ran classes in Kununurra in 2013- 2016 and Albany in 2017.