Dreamwaver Dance Dates ~

Dive into the center of self, through sound, movement, breath, intention and trance dancing and watch your life flow with deeper ease, grace and joy.

Dreamweaver blindfolded dance of Creative Harmony

Dreamweaver dance is offered as:

  • One off Journeys
  • Workshops & as part of
  • Embodiment Retreats.

See below for current options....this page is regularly update.

"Women's Weekly workshop" ~ sacred dance of life

Dates- TBA


~ there is no requirement to attend a one off Journey first~


What could be more wonderful than giving yourself the space and time to relax and let go, diving deep into the flow of you; a space where you turn off the phone, "log off" from the world and tune back into the most precious space of all, you...


This workshop is designed to create a space where you can deeply connect with yourself, your inner wisdom, joy and your body.

To drop out of the rat race of the mind and return to the simplicity of the breath, movement and you. We are all precious and unique individuals, but with the business of life these days it is too easy to loose the deeper connection with self more.....


One Off Dance Journey's


Dates - TBA


~Movement for Mindfulness~

'Come and shake off the shackles of everyday life and find your inner groove...


When we close our eyes a whole world opens up to our perception. We are able to see life from our inner place of knowing; combine this with movement, intention, breath and entrancing tunes and magic happens.


Trance dance has been used for more than 40,000 years as a way of connecting more deeply with the self and all thingsIt is a form of active mediation where the “point of stillness of mind” is reached through sometimes vigorous movement as we follow the dance “wave”and the rhythmic beat. We combine this with a focused intention which is chosen to bring more awareness and create more joy and harmony in life (eg “gratitude”). 

This dance,  particularly the workshops, supports individuals to become more present and mindful in daily life.


Right now, take a moment to close your eyes and breath into the center of your being....

Your "vision" of the world and "experience" of yourself, is different  viewed from this place.

It can feel strange or more wholistic, whatever your unique perception, it is perfect.

Often we spend our time in the "monkey mind", distracted from the ever present gift that is our own internal compass.

Our ever increasing use of technology all tends to feed this distraction...


 This dance gives you the opportunity to return and connect more deeply with the wholeness of your being and

body consciousness again.

Our body is incredibility wise and gives us all sorts of signals, all the time, designed to suggest better ways of journeying through life, however often we have forgotten how to listen. We spend so much time navigating though the visual sense as our world is organised this way; but the senses of hearing, feeling, tasting and smell are just as important.


When you take away the visual sense (by closing your eyes or having a blindfold), all other senses are heightened

and in a way you are "forced inwards".Often it is when we guide our life from this inner place

that things more easily manifest.....

So come and try the magical combination of music, movement, intention and you!

and enjoy the mystery unfolding as you begin to experience your life more deeply again.


What is the difference between a one off journey and a workshop?

A one off class is primarily an opportunity to enjoy the eyes closed or blindfolded dancing journey experience, combining with intention.

The background of the dance and the various elements are explained, any queries are addressed and the procedure and safely protocols are outlined. There is always a theme, but the concepts around it will only briefly be explained.

(With time, if the people attending become regulars, more time may be available to share the themes in more depth).


With a course or workshop, you go on a journey with a group of people for a period of time. This fosters trust and a group energy is created. Every class there are opportunities to share (if you wish) your experiences and life observations as the dance begins to weave it's magic in your life and this sharing of your insights enriches the journey for everyone participating.

Each class will have a different focus and this will be presented and explored though a variety of tools for example~  embodiment techniques, guided visualization and sound. Participants may also have the opportunity to share their own knowledge if a certain theme brings some pearl of wisdom to mind.


Body memory~ the more you attend these sorts of classes the deeper your dance journey becomes.  Your body begins to recognizes the experience and you more easily let go of the mind and drop into your bodies natural rhythm with the music.

This ability to drop into the body, also facilitates living in a more embodied state in every day life; it tends to bring more happiness as you naturally give your focus to what you actually want in life, without having to really think about it. 

Please read here for more of the benefits of this dance practice.

A key theme consistently expressed in a women's dance journey...

 was a growing awareness of the choices made in life and our capacity to create a much more positive way of being by simply noticing and making a different choice; or in the case of the intention"I choose Aloha" many of the group found they were simply more positive, without even having to think about it.


'I have enjoyed the Dreamweaver Dance program. I looked forward to going every week to learn something new and let go of the weeks stresses. Gwynneth as an instructor is brilliant, she is very softly spoken which is relaxing and helps set the mood for the room. I always felt very refreshed after each session and prepared to start the new week'.

Aisling Hickey 


General Information:

Dreamweaver Dance is a combination of  the following elements: Trance dance, Mindfulness, guided visualizations, embodiment techniques, Hawaiian & Yogic Wisdom and awareness of the energy centers and it's flowing expression in our being.

Every workshop is different, though certain themes remain.


There is absolutely no requirement to be a "dancer" as the dance is more about allowing your body to have authentic movement expression than to dance in a way that looks good. It is the perfect opportunity to allow your body's wisdom to flow and expand as there will be "no one watching" you dance. You may find yourself shaking, or walking or moving one arm...just follow your bodies "cue" and see where it takes you.

(A sacred safe space will be held, but no one will be "observing" your self expression as we will be much too busy negotiating the dancers in the space).


Location : Varies


What to bring

  • A desire to explore or expand your self awareness
  • A commitment to the journey for yourself ~ the more you attend the more riches you will receive.                                   (If you are not feeling "good" emotionally, then the class is often the perfect place to transform this energy :)
  • A water bottle
  • If you have a special cushion you like to sit on, please feel free to bring it, otherwise one will be provided (if you cannot sit on the floor this can be accommodated, please advise us in advance.

Wear~ comfortable clothes 

Qualifications and Experience ~

Gwynneth is a Certified Essence Dance Facilitator (Blindfolded Shamanic Trance Dance with Hawaiian Wisdom) and held classes in Melbourne VIC in 2009-2010, she then ran Dreamweaver Dance in Kununurra 2013-2016 and has been running classes in Albany since 2017. The additional space holder (when required for blindfolded classes only) has been facilitating and helping to hold sacred space in various workshops since 2011.

See you on the dance floor of life....