'I saw the Dreamweaver dance flyer last year but couldn't attend, but as it turns out the opportunity to do the class came up at the perfect time, as it coincided with a time of transformation from dark to light and I am very grateful for the support of this dance'.




'Really fun and safe way to traverse the inner world, using movement in a held container with Dreamweaver Dance. The workshops are a welcome and dynamic experience for anyone wanting to move, journey, transform and alchemise emotions through the human body and follow your inner joy!'

Bek Tomarchio 


I have enjoyed the Dreamweaver Dance program. I looked forward to going every week to learn something new and let go of the weeks stresses. Gwynneth as an instructor is brilliant, she is very softly spoken which is relaxing and helps set the mood for the room. I always felt very refreshed after each session and prepared to start the new week'.

Aisling Hickey 


Dreamweaver dance ' is the first time my body has heard the music directly - without the filter of my mind trying to make sure I'm 'doing it right'. Intuitive dance is a beautiful experience'.

Kristie Buss



the testimonials below are for "Essence Dance" this was the name of the weekly dance class Gwynneth originally facilitated. The name has now changed to "Dreamweaver Dance" but the essence remains the same.....


'Essence dance has helped me stay connected to the magic and truth that makes up every part of each day. It has reminded me to dance every moment of my life into creation' Jessica Baker, Student.


'Essence dance is a wonderful opportunity to connect with my body, soul and purpose each week. Mahalo (Thank you) Gwynneth' Rachel Lopes, Environmental Scientist


'Essence dance is the opportunity for a vision quest: a doorway to connect with the wholeness of the universe, every week. It is a deeply liberating and enriching exercise the effects of which, ripple out into daily life. Gwynneth holds a nurturing, safe space and is aligned with her integrity as a facilitator' 

Sophia Davis, NLP/In-tuition coach and Community Enterprise Project worker


'I found Essence Dance a great vehicle to allow my body to lead and my mind to be free. The dance facilitates my process of integrating new learnings and discovering my deeper self by allowing energy to flow freely. Gwynneth holds a great space and brings deep tribal beats that connect with the rhythms in us all'

Stacia Beazley, Holistic Counselor


'Essence dance is a journey into the mystery of life; stepping into the unknown and being more fully, the potential of being the power of possibility. Essence dance is the dance of life!' Prema Browne, Community Facilitator



Background  ~

Gwynneth is a Certificate Essence Dance Facilitator. She was trained by the founder of Essence Dance, Charlie Snow and took over the running of the classes in Melbourne when Charlie moved interstate. She then successfully ran these weekly classes for over a year before moving interstate herself.


Since 2014 she has been offering Dreamweaver dance which is a variation on the themes of Essence dance, but the format of blindfolded trance dance with intention, is the same.