Testimonials for Massage & Sound Harmony sessions~

Sound Harmony

 'Prior to my sound healing session I was feeling a bit of stress so I asked Gwynneth to do some relaxation work on me. She used various instruments during the session and the effect was almost immediate. I left feeling so relaxed and alive. I would definitely  recommend Gwynneth, she's highly intuitive and she has a lovely calmness about her'

Jeanne Barnes, Artist.


'Having never had a sound healing session before, Gwynneth provided me with the perfect introduction to the experience.

She had a calming influence on me and made sure I was comfortable with the process before we started. The space Gwynneth held made me feel a sense of complete comfort and trust while she used her intuition and higher senses to guide the healing process. I left the session feeling that I had regained a sense of balance and peace'.

Emma Lutz, Teacher.

Deluxe Indulgence (Lomilomi & Sound Harmony)

'Upon entering Gwynneth's Creative Harmony Healing space I felt instantly soothed and settled. Her hands and her heart held, supported and softened me, enabling me to safely shed tension and tears, accessing deep aloha and releasing my fears. Her Lomi lomi sessions are akin to floating on the gentle waves of the ocean and her voice/sound healing sang my spirit home. I'm so glad I made the time to receive this incredibly healing treatment and highly recommend gifting yourself this divine experience'.

Mele Mai (Facebook review)


 Gwynneth is one of the few authentic lomilomi practitioners I have had the pleasure to receive lomilomi from. Her sessions help to take me to the depth of myself and bring stronger balance into my life with grace and flow. I am always impressed with her absolute presence and her ability to live in and share aloha (unconditional love).'

Mia Snow -Lomilomi Giver and Teacher 


'Receiving a lomilomi massage from Gwynneth, was a powerful and invigorating experience. The long fluid movements of this massage style, along with her energy and presence, made for a very beautiful experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone as her considerate and compassionate demenour as a practitioner, was highly professional'.

 Carla Beasley, Ayurvedic Practitioner


'I have been transformed by the Lomilomi technique Gwynneth practices in her massage. I was a new convert to this form of massage having only ever previously received remedial massage and reflexology. I have developed a trust and rapport with Gwynneth that is special, as she is an exceptionally intuitive practitioner. 

Each massage I have had has been unique. Gwynneth’s use of the Lomilomi massage techniques creates a space to explore not only the physical burdens and joys of living, but the emotional and spiritual planes too. It is an intensely therapeutic and relaxing experience'.

Yvette Harvey, Writer


'I truly recommend Gwynneths Lomilomi. I felt able to completely let go and relax. It was like here hands were everywhere and no where at the same time and they were no longer hands, but waves of the ocean. Truly amazing!'

Renee Jones, Field Manager 


'Gwynneths massages are a whole system treatment, body, mind and soul. They take care of any physical muscle tightness etc, help clear the mind of any stress and worry and nourishes the soul in a relaxing environment. Gwynneth has a skilled nurturing presence, she is highly in tune with your body and tailors your massage session to what is needed at the time.

I highly recommend you do yourself a favour and book in. I try and book a session when ever we are both in Melbourne, I used to have regular treatments with her and I miss them!'

Julia Mahon, Remedial massage therapist (Facebook Review)    

Lomilomi & Dreamweaver Dance

'Gwynneth holds a very nurturing space that allows me to drop in and connect to the softer elements of myself. Her Lomi Lomi massage is Devine and dances are a rare chance to go deep within'.

Araleena Isse, Natropath (Facebook Review) 

Pregnancy lomilomi

'While heavily pregnant, Gwynneth treated me to a decadent Lomilomi massage.

Her hands felt like a warm breeze coming off the Hawaiian ocean and the clear heartfelt space she held allowed me to feel safe, nurtured and deeply relaxed. I felt as though I was re-birthed during that massage and I feel it helped me prepare for the birth of my first daughter the following week. I cannot recommend her highly enough!'

Bianca Sirrani, Communications director at Free Farm

Hot Stones

'Gwynneth's hot stone Hawaiian massage is so relaxing. I drifted off into another world while Gwynneth did her magic; she even had some small hot stones which she placed between my  toes, which felt amazing! I felt fantastic afterwards! Gwynneth has an almost magical touch, she's really good at what she does'.

Jeanne Barnes, Artist


'I had never had massage like this before but after this experience I will definitely be going back for more! My body was so soothed that every muscle loosened and relaxed. Gwynneth has a wonderful touch and was very sensitive to my body’s needs. I had no idea that these amazing stones could be used in such a beneficial way if placed in the hands of true professional'. 

Emma Lutz, School Teacher


'Sensational. The hot stones coupled with massage oil was an amazing sensation. I was relaxed and grounded after the experience. Highly recommended'. Chantal Adams (Facebook review)