Back Body Balance ~

The combination of massage to immediately relieve tension and learning the right stretches to improve your backs health long term.

Back pain image showing the spine in red to highlight the pain

Do you have reoccurring back tension or pain?

Do you forget to stretch? or are you not sure of how, or why to stretch to support your backs health?

Would you like some general tips on simple things you can do to assist your posture and back health?

Do you like full body massages, but would like to know more about using stretches?

Then this is for you.


During this session you will receive a massage of your back, gluteal muscles and neck. The treatment includes the use of hot stones** which are employed to assist the manipulation of tightness and knots especially in the shoulder area. The combination of heat penetrating the tissue and firm pressure helps the tension to melt away.  You will also learn the many ways you can assist                                                                                    yourself to reduce and possibly alleviate back pain and tension.

The therapist will suggest, demonstrate and instruct you on how to do appropriate stretches and an indication of the frequency of stretches your body requires based on your individual needs, will also be given.


Other simple life style tips like posture and sitting awareness may also be mentioned.


** Hot stones- Please let us know if you are on any medication or have any health issues which means your skin cannot accurately sense heat, or it is unusually sensitive to heat. In these cases hot stones would not be appropriate.


How is stretching preventative?

One of the best way to relieve tension and associated pain is to stretch properly. Often people don't regularly stretch or don't know how to stretch in a way that is helpful rather than harmful for the body. As a Massage therapist and a Yoga teacher I am very aware of the right way of stretching and also the influence of body (miss)alignment on our health.


I have found that when people come for a massage session to deal with pain or tension (especially which is not caused by a recent injury), it is usually due to misalignment in the body; if this is left untreated then the issue will simply reoccur, or may progressively increase in severity of symptoms.


As a practitioner I wish to provide clients with all the tools they require to bring balanced harmony to their body and life. Massage is a wonderful tool, as is Yoga, but combined they are very powerful medicine.


Please note ~ if you are currently receiving Chiropractic or other care for your back, this treatment is not a substitute for such treatment, but it can certainly assist. Please check with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns as to it's suitability for you.


~ How is this different to a Full Body Massage? ~

In a full body lomilomi or Hot stones massage your whole body and being are addressed which eliminates the possibility of referred pain (feeling pain in a location which is not actually the cause of the pain) being missed and going untreated.  


During  any session your therapist is assessing and treating the imbalances in your body and being, as they "scan" throughout the treatment. With a whole body session the therapist is able to get a very clear picture of what is going on, allowing them to offer you a deeper insight and more effective long term treatment.

Depending on any misalignment identified,  general stretch suggestions may also be made in full body sessions.


If you are new to massage, we recommend your first session be a full body treatment as this will give the therapist and yourself a better understanding of which areas are more likely to be in need of work for future treatments if a shorter session is your preferred treatment. However we do understand full body treatments are not for everyone and exploring a clients range of motion through stretches also gives insight into areas that need addressing, so this is also l a very good treatment option.


60 mins ~ Check the Price