Fabulous Feet Massage~

The ultimate foot experience, combining Reflexology, Reiki, Hot stones and Lomilomi because everyone's feet could do with a little extra love and care......

A photo of feet soaking pre lomilomi massage in a bowl of water with flowers and stones around it.

Treat your hard working feet to the ultimate pampering session to relieve fatigue and give your whole being a lift.

A combination of reflexology, hot stones*, massage and reiki is used to bring you to a better place of harmonious balance. (*optional). 


Come in, close your eyes and relax.

Your feet will be cleansed and then gently massaged with Hot stones and hands.

Reflexology and Reiki will be applied as needed. 


A massage photo of feet with hot stones  carefully and lovingly placed between their toes.

If you have chosen the longer session length, hot stones will be placed between your toes towards the end of the session;

this allows for your toes to return to better alignment with your feet and feels amazing!



Available in

25 & 35 minute Sessions

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