Pregnancy Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage~

is an invitation to relax and enjoy the ultimate pampering session. It is such an honour to share this harmonious space with a mother and baby to be ....                

A harmonious graphic picture, in muted colours, of a pregnant woman standing side on.

Lomilomi is a Hawaiian massage style that addresses the wellness of your complete being- body, mind, heart and spirit and it is perfectly safe and luxurious for mother and child.

The table is also set up with special pregnancy cushions so that you are able to fully relax and enjoy the journey lying on your back and your belly!

Receiving a Lomilomi massage when pregnant is a wonderfully nurturing and relaxing

experience. You will have love focused powerfully and respectfully on your being while long flowing strokes of wave like motion effectively lap you into a state of complete relaxation, allowing the release of whatever is not supporting you to live in aloha-  physical tension, old beliefs etc, thus bringing more joy, harmony, love and       clarity into your life. 

At the end of the session, depending on timing, usually some gentle sound healing by vocal toning, chimes or singing bowls is added. The baby usually responds to the sounds with a little kick, which is known by the mother to be a happy gesture. 


'While heavily pregnant, Gwynneth treated me to a decadent Lomilomi massage.

Her hands felt like a warm breeze coming off the Hawaiian ocean and the clear heartfelt space she held allowed me to feel safe, nurtured and deeply relaxed. I felt as though I was re-birthed during that massage and I feel it helped me prepare for the birth of my first daughter the following week. I cannot recommend her highly enough!'

Bianca Sirrani, Communications director at Free Farm    


The benefits of harmonious and relaxing Pregnancy Hawaiian lomilomi Massage.

In addition to the benefits listed, Lomilomi also

assists you to:


· Still your mind and focus

· Feel connected with your body in it's entirety, not just

  the pregnancy 

· Feel completely pampered and nurtured

· Release stagnation and energize your being

· Lose all sense of time

· Feel like you are floating on the ocean


  90 min Session ~ Check the Price