Sound Harmony ~                                              

combines Sound Healing with Reiki to bring harmony to your being, healing to your body and clarity to your mind.

A blue watery painting inspired by a Sound Harmony Reiki Healing session.
"Sounds Of Spirit" by Jeanne Barnes ~ inspired by a Session.

You are invited to come on a journey of sound sensation to return to a more balanced, content and harmonious you.

This combination of Reiki and Sound Healing is a wonderful way to remove anything that is creating diss-ease in your being.


Sound Healing ~ is using sound vibration to bring anything that is vibrating at a different frequency and therefore not in "resonance" with your being, back into the same frequency. 


Reiki~ is  channeling universal life force energy through gentle touch (or no touch) and intention, to activated the natural healing processes of your body, restoring physical and emotional well-being. (An in depth explanation)


These sessions are intuitive and based on many years studying and practicing energetic healing.

During a session various instruments (chimes, Tibetan singing bowl, drum and voice etc) with Reiki will be used to return harmony to the flow of life force in your body and energy field. 

More about how it works~

Gwynneth has used sound and Reiki with clients who wish to alleviate or change emotional or mental patterning and also in clearing physical aliments like acute eczema, where massage is not appropriate. She had a session a few years ago where the client had eczema all over his legs. She massaged his upper body and applied Reiki to his legs (and sound to his whole body). The results were miraculous. He called Gwynneth 2 days later to say that the eczema had almost completely disappeared and he had never seen anything like it.

There is a magic that happens when you work with sound and energy. If you believe that we are all energy, it makes sense that if we adjust the energy our body or being is currently experiencing, to match that which is our "healthy and harmonious frequency" then healing occurs and balance returns. 

Sound harmony instuments for healing for body mind and being.
Some of the Sound Healing instruments used.


'Having never had a sound healing session before, Gwynneth provided me with the perfect introduction to the experience. She had a calming influence on me and made sure I was comfortable with the process before we started. The space Gwynneth held made me feel a sense of complete comfort and trust while she used her intuition and higher senses to guide the healing process. I left the session feeling that I had regained a sense of balance and peace". Emma Lutz, Teacher.


'Prior to my sound healing session I was feeling a bit of stress so I asked Gwynneth to do some relaxation work on me. She used various instruments during the session and the effect was almost immediate. I left feeling so relaxed and alive. I would definitely  recommend Gwynneth, she's highly intuitive and she has a lovely calmness about her' Jeanne Barnes, Artist.


If pictures speak a thousand words, then please look at the painting above which was inspired by a Sound Harmony session....


Available in 60 & 90 minute Sessions

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Qualifications~ Gwynneth holds a Certificate 1 and 2 in Reiki and is currently completing formal qualifications in Sound Healing at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. She has been practicing Sound Healing professionally since 2008.