Personal Support & Tutoring

We offer one on one support for individuals in a variety of capacities.....

 Personal Support: when an individual needs a helping hand with life.

Recently we have been approached a number of times

to offer 1-1 sessions for a variety of issues.


Physical : creating a care plan for coping with an on going illness.

Mental: Finding the way forward in life when the path is not clear.

Emotional: Going through a time of grieving, needing to address past trauma or wanting to become more mindful in life.


Whatever you need support with, we can help.

We do not profess to have the answer for you, but we know that you do and with assistance you are more easily able to find it.

The assistance offered comes in many forms, based on broad life experience, training, a creative mind and an innate ability to offer counsel and support.


What we offer:

  • An extensive understand of death and the grieving process based on past experience
  • A mind that is highly tuned to finding creative and harmonious solutions for you as it has been doing so for many people for over 40 years.
  • A compassionate, sensitive, open and judgement free approach to you and your journey.
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A philosophical approach to life that is kind, humble and more expansive than most.
  • Training in: Trauma therapy, Hawaiian Massage & Philosophy,  Embodied wisdom, Sound Healing, Reiki  Energy work,  Transformational Dance, Yoga (posture, breath techniques, philosophy), Mindfulness, Meditation and Ayurveda (India health practice approach - Ayur Veda : Life knowledge).
  • A desire to support you to tap into the "medicine" that is your own wisdom and find the solution or treatment that empowers you to live a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.

If you are interested in making a booking or would like to know more, please get in touch.

Creative Harmony Tutoring~

a creative and compassionate approach, leads to empowered individual who have an engaged, inspired and happy learning experience. 

Three owls sitting on a tree branch being tutored to be engaged, inspired, creative individuals.

Gwynneth Came to Tutoring Serendipitously.

She has a natural aptitude for teaching which has seen her working in class rooms, kindergartens and in home settings assisting individuals with school and University assignments. 


In 2014-16  she was contracted by the Department of Communities  (formally know as the Department for Child Protection and Family Support) in Kununurra as the tutor for children in care. She is now again working for the department of Communities as a tutor in Albany.

Her perspective "I love teaching, every child's learning landscape is new territory, that needs to be treated with care and respect. The journey of finding the ways for empowering others to have a more inspired and happy learning experience is priceless. Most of the children I currently work with are in year 7 or below and some have learning difficulties or traumas that need to be navigated with compassion and a flexible and creative approach".


Subjects offered~

Having studied English Literature, Media Arts and Psychology at University level, plus her experience in literacy testing and understanding of the early learning class room experience, Gwynneth has a wide range of tools to choose from.

Assistance is offered for all subjects up until high school.

In High school, English, English Literature, Psychology and Art theory and practice are specialties, year 7 and 8 Maths is also an area of experience.

If there is another area of need, please let me know and I will see if I can assist.

Computer programs~

Gwynneth is proficient in Photoshop and some other design applications, so if you would like some tutoring in this area,

please inquire.


An apple on a pile of teaching resources creatively arranged to inspire engagement.


$50 for 45* minutes

$60 for 1 hour

*45 min sessions are recommended for younger students

If you would like to discuss meeting and having a trial session or seeing if I can help your child or yourself,  please get in touch.