Workshop Example: Stress Reduction

Providing simple tools, methods and tips that can be applied for quick relief in a stressful work environment...

A depiction of mindfulness meaning harmonious clarity of thought and vision in life


We were asked to run a workshop that would give the team 

simple tools which could be swiftly and easily applied at work, to assist in the management of stress. There was a lot more depth that could have easily been covered on this topic, but the time constraint was 1 hour, so it was a simple overview.



Client: The Department of Child Protection and Family Support

What:  a 1 hour workshop as part of a team day.

Requested outcome: For members of the team to have simple strategies to reduce and eliminate stress in the work place.


Format: The workshop covered a number of areas, with a mixture of fun practical exersizes and discussion.


Some of the topic covered were:

  • mindfulness, the mind - body relationship and the way the nervous system responds to stress.
  • Techniques such as self massage or conscious breathing that can be applied at work to reduce stress were explained.
  • Identifying and better understanding an individuals response to stress and ways to support our nervous system to reduce susceptibility to stressors was addressed.
  • Tips for changing/creating new brain pathways of thought patterns was explained.
  • Suggestions of personal practices that can support a healthier nervous system was mentioned.
  • A practical handout with reminders of the practical techniques covered and quick tips was provided.




Dear Gwynneth,


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your presentation at our Team Day last week.

Your presentation was very well received and was exactly what we needed to support us in our work.


The breathing and self-guided massage techniques are tools that we can all use during our professional and personal lives.

The time you gave us to reflect on our self-care was very necessary. The management of stress in our lives can be something

we often forget to consider and your thoughtful and mindful suggestions/techniques will be very useful.


One of the people who attended provided this comment for you I enjoyed Gwynneth’s input and believe its helpful to have ongoing reminders that as workers we need to take care of ourselves to enable us provide care to others.”


I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might be considering a similar workshop or even something different. Your easy manner and relaxed demeanour was spot on for the team. You were very prepared with questions, suggestions, thoughtful tips and ideas for us to consider and take away for future reflection.



Juliet Lange 

Team Leader

Department for Communities (previously Child Protection and Family Support)

East Kimberley District