A flexible body creates a flexible mind. It leads to a Harmonious, healthy life and a joyous, creative spirit...

Creative Harmony is very excited about offering Chair Yoga classes in Albany later in 2019.


Our body is an amazing tool full of wisdom that we are lucky to have to journey in for this life.

What better way to honour yourself and your body than to treat yourself to regular Yoga!

 The Yoga Classes offered by Creative Harmony, are an accumulation of over 30 years of exploration into many forms of Yoga: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Tigress and Yin Yoga and self inquiry.


The classes and workshops we plan to run at this stage are quite specialised with a specific focus or they are aimed at supporting individuals with reduced mobility.


None at this time.

Please contact us if you would like further information, or to be kept informed of the commencement of classes.


Gwynneth's journey with the love of Yoga began at aged 12 when her Aunt gave her a book....

It was a simple paper back, with black and white pictures of an Indian fellow doing poses and text that didn't make a lot of sense to her at the time, but it was a stepping stone to the journey of a lifetime.


Yoga is an amazing tool of self transformation. It can be used to bring fitness and alignment to your body, mind and spirit, it can alleviate back pain and a myriad of other body issues, as well as correcting hormonal imbalances that may be effecting you emotionally. Why wouldn't you want to make use of such a simple tool?


Of course it must be done properly to maximize the benefits and prevent injury, but the gift of balanced harmony in life is priceless. 


Since moving to Kununurra Gwynneth's understanding of Yoga as a practice has deepened even more, as she has had to become flexible in finding solutions to physical issues for herself and clients. The things she would normally have quickly seen a Chiropractor for, she is now often able to resolve with Yoga, Massage, Sound, exersize and body awareness!


Gwynneth's deepening love of Yoga and a desire to share the amazing tools she has discovered, so that others can benefit too, sent her back to India in December 2015 to become a qualified Yoga teacher.


Gwynneth is taking her more than 30 years of Yoga exploration, practice and understanding

the desire to assist others to live in more empowered alignment in their bodies and lives

and creating wonderful Yoga classes for you!


Gwynneth's Background with Yoga exploration


In the 80's while still at school she practiced Yoga stretches after her fitness routines. 

In the 90's when she move to the city, she regularly attended Iyengar Yoga classes at the Action school of Yoga in Fitzroy.


Here she learnt much about correct alignment and adjustment in poses, the benefits of holding them for an extended time,

the amazing gift that Yoga offers with keeping us in alignment and also how it can be use to correct and rehabilitate injuries;

(as one of her teachers had become an instructor after using Yoga to completely recover from a knee injury, which finished his career as a athlete).


In the 2000's, she has explored Yoga in many different ways and in many different forms...


Gwynneth traveled to India and did a silent retreat as well as a 2 week Yoga and meditation retreat.

The Yoga retreat felt more like "Yoga Boot Camp" with getting up at 4.30am and doing 4 hours of yoga a day, but once she got past this feeling, the gift of how the discipline of repeated rigorous practice can benefit your whole being, was undeniable.

Being in India and learning about Yoga as a spiritual practice with chanting etc, was also a wonderful experience and it was then that she first thought of studying to become a Yoga practitioner.


Gwynneth continued her Yoga practice after India deepening her understanding of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga. She found that her awareness of Yoga as a active form of Meditation deepened and her love of the practice grew. She became more conscious of the unify of breath with action (posture). Gwynneth also explored the use of Yogic cleansing techniques and Pranayama (Breath) to increase body vitality.


Next came the exploration into Tigress and Kundalini Yoga....

these are beautiful practices that focus on awaken your body and being in a slightly different manner . Kunudalini Yoga 'focus on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama (breath), chanting mantra and yoga asana'(postures) (Wikipedia). Tigress is a wonderful practice for women, an invitation 'to move out of your head and into the deep pleasure of your female body, so you can awaken your true feminine power' (Tigress Yoga page). Both practices offer a way to awaken of your kundalini/energy and with Tigress Yoga this is specific to understanding, embodying and expanding your feminine essence. Gwynneth will be weaving some of these practices within the women's only classes she will offer. 


Then came Bikram Yoga~ this "hot yoga" style felt amazing for the body, but didn't have the more wholistic approach of other Yoga styles. It is great for fitness and Gwynneth will still attend classes when available, or do the routine in Kununurra's hot "build up" outside~ (as she did when camped on the river for a month when first arriving); however it is not her "wholistic" practice of choice.


Then in 2016, Gwynneth returned from India for the second time where she obtained the training required to offer the magic of Yoga from her perspective.

In the future she plans to run some one day work shops or weekly classes, see above for details.

Stay tuned and please get in touch if you are interested in more information.