The Foundational Principles of Creative Harmony

offer a way of living with more harmonious balance and happiness

Image of a rock of foundation for Creative Harmony that looks like a mountain range
The right foundations create harmony and balance in life

How do you navigate your life?

what are the driving forces? are they external or internal or both?

Do you experience a sense of empowerment and connection?


Our Principles are the way we have found that supports most people to have a deeper, healthier and more enjoyable life.


As a wholistic practitioner with many years of experience working with dance, sound, massage, Hawaiian wisdom, reiki, yoga and intuition, we have developed this approach. These ideas are woven both explicitly and implicitly throughout our services, which means clients receive the most comprehensive and wholistic support possible in their session and in their lives.



Breathing is the movement of life force in the body, mind and being.

At Creative Harmony we use breath awareness as a tool to bring energy to areas where "we have forgotten to breath".

Often people who are stressed or busy find they are only breathing into their chest, which doesn't encourage the body and nervous system to relax. A relaxed breath starts in the belly and fills the whole being, bringing a centered awareness to life.


Body Wisdom

Our belly, when we are "tuned in" is also often a place from which our personal wisdom can arise.

When people start to listen to this wisdom and their body in general, they tend to find there is more balance in their life.

Decisions are made with our "whole beings wellness" in mind; individuals are not just doing what they "think" they should (according to the external world's prompts), they are also doing what is best from their "internal world" perspective as well.



The mind may be busy and full, or present and conscious. You may react to situations without thinking based on past experience alone, or you may be able to catch yourself and make a choice responding to the present. Mindfulness is a art, it takes time and practice, but like any art, it is something we can all learn and the more we "do it", the easier it becomes.

With mindfulness and intention you are able to choose to create the world in which you wish to live.



Intention is powerful. What ever you put your energy and focus on is easier to manifest. Whether you are resisting and "struggling against" something or thinking about it regularly, if you give it your focused attention, it is almost guaranteed to occur sooner or later.

In all of the services we offer you are invited to use intention. It could be as simple as choosing to bring relaxation and ease to your body, but this simple act of mentally choosing this for yourself, can have powerful results, (if you believe it to be possible).



This balance between mind awareness (mindfulness and intention) and the body consciousness (wisdom and breath) leads to a more embodied and creative way of living. The last piece of the puzzle which naturally flows to bring total balance is movement and stretching to maintain a deeply embodied experience of life (or at least to assist in the treatment or prevention of bodily expressions of disharmony). Making Yoga Asanas or consciously breathing into stretches, a daily practice (even 20 minutes) will bring a flexibility of being which will assist you to flow with the changes of life. 


Hawaiian Huna 

The spirit of Aloha is a guiding set of Principles that weaves it's magic in our work and life and upon which many of these values are based read more 


As a Dance facilitator, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and wholistic practitioner our foundations in life and in work, have been informed by extensive experience in these modalities and our own life's journey.