Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage~

is an invitation to float on the calm ocean and gently have all the tension and stress lulled out of your body, mind and being. 

A harmonious photo of a calm Hawaiian ocean with relaxed palm trees.


Lomilomi is a Hawaiian massage style that addresses the wellness of your complete being- body, mind, heart and spirit.


To receive a Lomilomi massage is to have love focused powerfully and respectfully on your being. The combination of long flowing strokes of wave like motion and gentle stretches, effectively lap the recipient into a state of luxurious relaxation, allowing the release of whatever is not supporting them to live in aloha- physical tension, old beliefs etc, thus bringing more joy, harmony, love and clarity into their lives.


Lomilomi assists you to:


· Still your mind and focus

· Connect with your body

· Feel completely pampered/ nurtured

· Release all stress and tension 

· Up-lift your mood

· Alleviate physical pain

· Release stagnation and energize your being

· Lose all sense of time


90 min Session ~ Check the Price




'Gwynneth is one of the few authentic lomilomi practitioners I have had the pleasure to receive lomilomi from. Her sessions help to take me to the depth of myself and bring stronger balance into my life with grace and flow. I am always impressed with her absolute presence and her ability to live in and share aloha (unconditional love).'

Mia Snow -Lomilomi Giver and Teacher 


'I have been transformed by the Lomilomi technique Gwynneth practices in her massage. I was a new convert to this form of massage having only ever previously received remedial massage and reflexology. I have developed a trust and rapport with Gwynneth that is special, as she is an exceptionally intuitive practitioner. 

Each massage I have had has been unique. Gwynneth’s use of the Lomilomi massage techniques creates a space to explore not only the physical burdens and joys of living, but the emotional and spiritual planes too. It is an intensely therapeutic and relaxing experience'.

Yvette Harvey, Writer