Ahead of the game ~ 2 styles of soothing head massage treatments

to calm the nervousness system and bring stillness to the mind...

Ayurvedic (Indian) head massage which focuses mainly on the head and neck with a little massage to the face and shoulders.


Lomilomi Hawaiian Head, neck, face and shoulders massage which addresses all of these areas equally. 


Both styles of massage involve the use of warm oil.


Traditional Ayurvedic head massage

Different areas of India may have slightly different styles of head massage depending on the lineage of teaching (the teaching passed down in families from generation to generation). This is the style which our practitioner was certified in as part of their Ayurvedic training in Varkala India in 2015.This ancient technique has been practiced for over a thousand years and it is both a therapeutic and a beauty treatment with many wonderful benefits. 


It involves the client sitting in a chair in underwear or bathers from the top up, this prevents oil going on their clothes and

allows the practitioner to also access a number of marma (vital life force points) including on the belly button and heart during the session. 

This treatment is a sequence of specific massage techniques which help balance the energy, increase lymphatic drainage and bringing deep relaxation and vitality to your being. It tends to drop the energy out of the head and back into the wholeness of your being in a simple but profound manner, as the techniques work on both the physical and ethereal body.


The massage does involve you scalp and hair being oiled and it is traditionally recommended after treatment that you stay out of the sun, avoid heavy meals, cold beverages, toxins (alcohol, smoking etc) and applying further products to the skin as it may be sensitive.

Please leave the oil in your hair/ on your skin for at least a couple of hours to nourish the skin and receive the most benefits from the treatment and drink lots of water to assist the detoxification process.



  • de-stress and calm the mind
  • relieve eyestrain
  • relieve insomnia
  • ease headaches and migraine
  • relax muscles
  • relax and tones facial muscles
  • stimulate the hair and scalp
  • help localized blood and lymphatic circulation 


Lomilomi Hawaiian head, neck, face and shoulder Massage

With this treatment you are lying on a table and each area is massaged with warm oil in the lulling lomilomi Hawaiian style. The therapist uses their hands and forearms in long repetitive strokes to bring the mind to stillness and melt away stress in your being.

This option suits people that want to switch off their mind and unwind but would prefer not to have lots of oil applied to the head area; It is for clients that wish to have a little head massages along with the other areas. The benefits are similar, but as the focus is not almost exclusively on the head the influence on the nervous system are generally less intense.


The after care treatment for this modality is to make sure you drink lots of water and ideally avoid toxins (alcohol, cigarettes etc). We recommend you leave the oil on your skin if you can as it is a lovely natural moisturizer,  but this is optional.



  • de-stress and calm the mind
  • improve sleep
  • it may ease headaches 
  • relax muscles
  • relax and tones facial muscles
  • stimulate localized blood circulation


40 mins ~ Check the Price