60 minute selection Body Balance~ pain Tension prevention, the zen of body maintenance, Breath Body Balance

This option is Design for people who are experiencing pain or tension in a specific area of their body.

A picture of harmony as the sun going down over a body of water with a beautiful lily in the foreground area of the image.
Image by Frans Lanting ~ Day-blooming water lily closing at sunset

If you have pain or tension and you do not wish to have a full body session, this is the treatment for you.


In this session your needs will be addressed by using massage to ease your pain and tension and by sharing Yoga stretches that can help prevent the issues from reoccurring.


In this session we will discuss what is going on in your body and the therapist will suggest and demonstrate some stretches to help this issue from reoccurring and the area (and any associated areas) will then be massaged the leaving you feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed.


How is stretching preventative?

One of the best way to relieve tension and associated pain is to stretch properly. Often people don't regularly stretch or don't know how to stretch in a way that is helpful rather than harmful for the body. As a Massage therapist and a Yoga teacher I am very aware of the right way of stretching and also the influence of body (miss)alignment on our health



I have found that when people come for a session to deal with pain or tension (especially which is not caused by a recent injury), it is usually due to misalignment in the body; if this is left untreated then the issue will simply reoccur, or may progressively increase in severity of symptoms.



As a practitioner I wish to provide clients with all the tools they require to bring balanced harmony to their body and life. Massage is a wonderful tool, as is Yoga, but combined they are very powerful medicine.


~ How is this different to a Full Body Massage? ~

In a full body lomilomi or Hot stones massage your whole body and being are addressed which eliminates the possibility of referred pain (feeling pain in a location which is not actually the cause of the pain) being missed and going untreated.  


During  any session your therapist is assessing and treating the imbalances in your body and being, as they "scan" throughout the treatment. With a whole body session the therapist is able to get a very clear picture of what is going on, allowing them to offer you a deeper insight and more effective long term treatment.

Depending on any misalignment identified,  stretch suggestions may also be made in full body sessions.


If you are new to massage, we recommend your first session be a full body treatment; this will give the therapist and yourself a better understanding of which areas are more likely to be in need of work for future treatments if a shorter session is your preferred treatment.


In these sessions we focus on the area(s) required using Massage, gentle passive stretching, Reiki and Sound Healing.  

If you require more deep tissue work we suggest you try a Hot Stone Massage assuming they are suitable for your body  (please see the Contradictions for Hot stone therapy or ask if in doubt).

If you are specifically dealng with a 

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