Shoulder Melt ~

relieve tension in your neck, shoulders and back with this 40 minute treatment

A blue torso image indicating pain on the shoulder area with red patches.


Most people these days spend a number of hours every day-

  • at a computer,
  • sitting in an office,
  • using a phone or tablet etc

Unfortunately most of the time, unless you are very aware of posture and the importance of stretching, you will find you neck and shoulders become tight as you will be hunched over, or be looking downwards, or sitting without movement for far too long during these activities.


It is also a reality that people generally are experiencing more stress in their lives, so they unconsciously may be tensing their shoulders or body much of the time without even realizing it.


Or it could simply be that your occupation has you using your body in a way that brings your shoulders forward usually due to using your hands, so unless you think to remind yourself to correct your posture, tension and tightness will arise.


This treatment is designed for people that experience tension in their shoulders, neck and upper back due to one or all of these factors.

The whole back will be given attention, especially along the spine, however the main focus is on the neck and shoulders as this is very often an area of need (if your have any restrictions due to injury, these of course will be accommodated).

We can also include a face massage if you wish (time allowing).

The use of hot stones will also be employed to assist the manipulation of tightness and knots especially in the shoulder area. The combination of heat penetrating the tissue and firm pressure helps the tension melt away. 


Please let us know if you are on any medication or have any health issues which means your skin cannot accurately sense heat, or it is unusually sensitive to heat. In these cases hot stones would not be appropriate.


40 mins ~ Check the Price


Or if you just really love head, neck and face massages, we do offer this service