Sound Bath's~

experience the deeply relaxing and long lasting benefits of being bathed in sound frequency. There are 3 types of sessions to choose from~                        for individuals, 2 or 3 people, or groups available by request.

A collection of sound healing instuments, singing bowls, tingshals, drum, gong, rattles

All sound baths are deeply therapeutic. They work gently to assist your body and being to relax and melt back into yourself.


The mixture of sound frequencies allows for your being to be re-tuned in the way that suits you. Some instruments are "activating" encouraging your body to let go with their vibration or pitch, others are more relaxing allowing a inner calm to spread throughout your body and mind.


Different people require different sound "treatments" to return them to their inner still point, so with a variety of instruments played in a wave pattern, the effective result is everybody becomes de-stressed and relaxed.


Individual treatments have the benefit that the whole session is tailored to your beings needs.

You are lying on a table with singing bowls below the table so you receive their vibration through your whole being and a variety of instruments are also played over the body. Throughout the treatment the practitioner is tuning in to your body and offering the sound frequencies it required to clear any dissonance and return you to your soul frequency.


In sessions for 2 or 3 people, the singing bowels are placed at your head or feet and a variety of instruments are played over your body. As there are a group of people the offering is more generalized in nature, though certain instruments are used in a individualized manner if it is appropriate for the group as a whole. Non the less the outcome is still a deep state of calm. If the practitioner senses anyone would really benefit from deeper sound work, this may be suggested.


The group sessions are similar to sessions for 2 or 3 people, except that there are 2 practitioners and the didgeridoo, flutes and multiple drums may also be played during the journey.


What to expect


You will be briefly guided to connect more deeply with your breath and your body.

You will be invited to focus on an intention of what you wish to create from the session (see notes below).

You will then receive a sound bath.

During the sound bath you may experience body sensations and mind chatter arising as your body realigns, we invite you to let go by returning to your breath and (if necessary) gently shaking your body, being mindful of people around you if you are in a group setting. 

At the end of the journey, the sounds will cease and you will be left to bask in the deeply restful space that has been created.

It is important that you allow yourself to rest in this stillness as this is often when the deepest healing takes place.

When it is time for you to return to the present space, the practitioner will speak softly spoken words calling you back to your body.

Intentions~ working with intention to create change is a very powerful tool.

We suggest you give this some attention before coming for the session if possible as it can deepen your experience.

Tips~ Intentions are usually best kept simple, we don't want the mind to become to busy, it is simply about focusing on an idea and then letting it go with absolute trust. It could be something like "I choose trust" "I am totally relaxed" or just "relaxation", "trust", "surrender", "peace" etc.... whatever feels right for you.


Post treatment we suggest you drink lots of water for the rest of the day, be gentle with yourself and spend quiet time in nature or with your self if possible.


Individuals 60 mins ~ Check the Price

2 or 3 people 60 mins ~ Check the Price


Group Sessions ~ By Request