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People as cogs of a creative team working to bring harmony and innovations to businesses/corporations
Innovation = creative productivity

          Our Business services focus on 3 major areas.

  • Supporting your individual team members to be happier and healthier and there for more productive.
  • Offering group or individual sessions to your clients, using drumming as a therapeutic tool to process ideas, increase cognition and awareness and make better choices.
  • Meeting your needs:  if you have an idea of a workshop you would like run, or simply something you want to implement or change, please get in touchWe are most happy to create something to meet your desired outcomes.

Increasing Happiness, Harmony and Productivity in the workplace.

Supporting the individual to support the whole.

Each business is made up of many individuals that support the system to function. Every one of those individuals has a fundamentally important role to play. If as a business you are able to implement simple, but effective strategies within your workplace, you may find you have much happier and healthier workers which correlated to better team communication and increased profits.

Why? because when you feel good, you have more time and energy to share with others and contribute to your work environment.

What we offer ~ simple workshops to meet your needs.


Read a testimonial and description of a successful workshop held for 

The Department of Communities on stress reduction.


Gratitude and Appreciation

A number of years ago, Gwynneth heard a discussion on Radio National, considering the relationship between having a successful, productive, business and gratitude. The program mentioned a number of case studies of various work places  and suggested a clear correlation between a team member's feeling of being valued and appreciated and an increase in the productivity of the company.

When you think about it makes sense. When you feel appreciated you want to "do": be proactive, contribute etc... when you 

feel the opposite, if you are a positive person you may start off feeling proactive, but slowly this enthusiasm decreases without recognition of effort and you are more likely to think "whats the point" and just put in the bare minimum to get by.

Without gratitude our "work" can feel less meaningful and the job satisfaction deceases, even with very important roles such as supporting individuals with trauma.

What we offer~

Gift certificates for a special employee, Short Workshops on understanding the importance of gratitude and how to become more mindful in the work place (and in general) and in house mobile massage service.

An image of a 'Thank you" sticky note pad page

It is the little things that truly make a difference in the workplace, as in life.


Just as a heart felt kiss or note from a loved one can warm your spirits, so too can a simple, spontaneous note saying "thank you for your work" appearing on your desk.

 If you notice someone has done a really good job, take a moment to tell them so or leave a note, it makes a big difference.


One of the wonderful things about gratitude is that the positive effect works both ways.

The individual offering thanks may feel good for doing so and the person receiving the gratitude

also receives a positive boost.  It is a win win in the the work place.


Services for Companies working with individuals with trauma or social issues.

Creative Harmony offers DRUMBEAT programs to a range of company's and human service providers.

People playing a drum to bring more harmony to their life and being
Drumming connects you to the rhythm of life

         It is suitable for use with a broad range of groups and treatment uses. 

         Some examples:

  • School children: to assist with mitigating negative behaviours and encourage new more positive choices to develop.
  • Adults/Youth with social, cognitive or drug or alcohol issues
  • Adults in age care wanting to increase cognition or coordination.
  • Mental health: assisting individuals with making social connection in a safe environment.  

The flexible nature of the DRUMBEAT program allows it to be adapted to meet the needs of different groups and gives room to introduce new concepts, emphasize relevant points and tailor the session format to suit the clients requirements, strengths and weaknesses.


At the core of the DRUMBEAT program is a focus on social connection. The universal nature and importance of relationship issues allows the program to maintain relevance across cultures, genders and age groups. Behind the challenges faced by most people struggling to find meaning and focus in their lives are relationship issues; in fact it is widely agreed that healthy relationships are the building blocks of happy and productive lives. 


Creative Harmony offers sessions as courses, as small groups and in a one to one format

depending on the needs of the clients.

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