SAN-AIR -Healthy Air, Naturally- Anti Mould Tub

Removes 98% of airborne mould and microbes safely and naturally.

       The quality of the air that we breath is very important

          in maintaining good health. If you live in an environment that is hot or humid                requiring air-conditioning or cold and damp requiring heating. You may find                  that your air quality is compromised. Luckily there is a natural solution.


         San-Air products:

  • Use organic essential oils 
  • Killing over 98% of mould, fungus spores, bacteria and mildew
  • 100% organic natural ingredients
  • last up to 3 months
  • Made in Australia


An indoor air space can be affected by several factors, from excessive numbers and types of co-occupants (children, pets, public) to inadequate ventilation. Any factor can initiate build up of mould and bacteria contaminating your indoor space

and affect your immune system, when this get to a certain level then people start getting sick. San-Air is the solution to

this problem reducing your chances of catching colds and flu from othersas the shared air space gets a good treatment minimizing the chances of cross contamination.


San-Air evaporates slowly and in a short period of time clears the space as it comes into contact with the airborne dust particles and pollen which carry the bacteria and mould causing illness. This contact with SAN-AIR causes the bacteria to die off and the mould to dry up, even down to the root system which usually embeds in the surface where the mould is growing.

55% of air borne contamination is killed every half hour of exposure.


San-Air products can be used in any environment where air is re-circulated (circulation is reduced by enclosed air).

Your work place, rooms, cupboards, under the sink, wardrobes, kitchen, bathrooms, or car.


Suggested Application areas

  • OFFICES - Schools, Retail, Serviced Offices, Libraries and Community Offices.
  • STORAGE - Cool Rooms, Defrosting Rooms, Warehousing, Refrigerated cabinets and Shipping Containers.
  • BIN santization
  • VEHICLES - Taxis, Buses and Farm vehicles.
  • CLOSED SPACES - Wardrobes, shoe cupboards/boxes and bathroom cabinets.
  • OTHER - Cars, Caravans, boats, tents and sports bags.
  • A MOULDY ITEM- may be treated by placing it in a bag or box depending on the degree of mould see "How to use".

Buy in bulk and Save: please contact us for prices for orders of more than 10 or Corporate bulk order quotes.


Healthy Air, Naturally- Anti Mould Treatment Gel

Kills over 98% of mould, fungal spores & bacteria.

Ideal for places where air is recirculated or enclosed.

Helps prevent illness in work places and homes.

Especially good for hot humid, or cold damp climates.


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Ensure a good air flow around the container expose all 5 slits on container for initial few hours. Then, adjust to required 1-5 slots

depending on your local environment.

For smaller spaces, bathrooms, or cupboards 1 or 2 slots should suffice

For busy public areas tropical areas or high humidity 3-5 spaces may be needed.

Place Lower down in a room where the microbes are in greater numbers if treating a whole room.

Treating your personal space within a office environment, simply place on or under your desk or work station.

Move container to different locations occasionally for maximum coverage. Ideal for closed up houses and storage areas to prevent mould build up and musty smells

Mouldy item? - small items have been successfully treated like this- by placing the item in a bag or box with a tub of San-Air for 24hrs (a cap in a bag) or 2 days (a pair of tennis shoes in a box - then the mould just fell off with some tapping).   


NOT SAFEfor ingestion by children or pets. If skin contact occurs wash with plenty of soap and water.

Ingredients:  San-Air is made from a unique blend of water and Certified Organic Essential Oils within a biodegradable gel (natural binding agent).