Answers to Questions about our Massage Styles~


Hawaiian Massage is relatively new to the Australia and particularly to a small town like Kununurra.


Here you will find some of the commonly asked questions and answers.

Lomilomi ~


What is lomlomi?

Lomilomi is a sacred form of massage used to bring wellness to your being.

It works on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, encouraging you to become more empowered in your being and to walk the path of Pono (righteous and goodness) in life. 


What do clients traditionally wear during a session?

Traditionally the client is nude and draped with a sarong for privacy.

Why nude? This allows for the best flow of the massage.

Lomilomi is a full body oil massage, with the therapist going up and down the side of your body

and also under and over the body simultaneously.

If the client is wearing underwear it disrupts this flow and may make some strokes, such as cupping the clients heart

from either side whilst they are face up, impossible (this is the case if the client wants to have their chest covered).

This cupping is particularly effective for loosing the back and opening the heart area, so it is a shame to miss this theraputic opportunity.


Can I wear my underwear?

Yes you can wear your underwear, but it will disrupt the flow of the massage (see "what do clients Traditionally wear").

If a client wants their chest covered I can place a towel over it, but it will impede the flow and perhaps the

therapeutic power of the session. 

Lomilomi massage is a fantastic way to let go and release that which is blocking your energy flow in your life and body,

allowing yourself to be draped for privacy, but otherwise nude is a great place to start for releasing limited beliefs (which can impact the bodies health).


Lomilomi and Sexual Issues~

Lomilomi is a sacred form of massage, it can be sensual in sensation due to the flowing strokes and oil, but more than anything else it is loving and nurturing. If someones relationship to touch has been sexualised (ie all sensual or loving touch on their body is sexual), then they may experience aspects of the massage as  


Is this suitable for men and Women?

Yes, lomilomi is suitable for men and women.


Does it release knots?

Lomilomi is an amzing form of massage that releasing knots

Hot Stones~


Why use hot stones?

Are the stones placed directly on my body?

Is hot stone massage suitable for me?


What are the practitioners Qualifications?

Gwynneth has a certificate of Hahana Hot & Cold Stone Massage Therapy, Lomilomi Massage, Reiki Level 1 and 2,

Chi Reflexology and is currently completing a certificate in Sound Healing (though she has been practicing it professionally since 2008). Gwynneth is a qualified Yoga teacher, Blindfolded Trance Dance and DRUMBEAT Facilitator and has over 20 year experience in the teaching field. Creating balance, harmonious health and empowering others are her passions. Read more about our Core Values here.