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Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Pure Therapeutic Quality Oils




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These oils are therapeutically pure oils, with extensive testing done for each oil (Testing information is found on the individual oils page). Find out more about the quality of our range.

Honest Pricing ~ many oils on the market particularly by large companies have inflated prices due to marketing (which people often equate with quality), however this is not usually the case.

These oils are created by an ethical company, extensive testing for quality is carried out and one of the leaders in the field helps create them, yet the price is not over inflated, sounds good to me.


Organic V Non ~ all the oils here are produced in an organic manner, but it is very expensive to get certification, which means smaller companies have not always chosen to have this done.

Want a different oil? let us know and we will order it in for you!

We hope you enjoy our oils,  they are of the highest quality, with a wonderful price tag to match!

Safe use of essential oils with children and pets...

are oils that are safe for children 2-10 years of age (some oils that adults can

use, like peppermint, are not appropriate for children).

We have 3 Child Safe Oils currently available.

Including "Germ Destroyer" a good one for current times.

Here is more information of what to avoid.

PET Safe - General guides for "house pets" - Diffusion and application of essential oils is not recommended around fish/reptiles, birds, cats or dogs.


Adult dogs MAY be okay with some oils (depending on their own constitution, medical history etc) Please have a look at this page from a qualified animal aromatherapist  for more detailed information.

If you wish to use oils for cleaning of areas or diffusing in a home with animals - do so without the animal present in the space and completely air out afterwards.

If you decide to use some oils you have determined are safe for your adult animal (dog/cat), diffuse for a short period (10-15 mins) with a small dispersion area and make sure their is fresh air circulating and the animal can leave the space.


Thank you from your furry, feathered and scaled friends.

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Oil Synergy Blends



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