Humidifier & Aromatherapy diffuser

Wonderful for adding a cleansing & medicinal scent to the air or increasing the humidity in "dry" environments (due to air-conditioning & dry climates).

humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils bring creative harmony to life


     The Zen Ball bringing health and harmony to your home by:

  • Adding a little moisture back into the air
  • Treating and Preventing illness*
  • Supporting home occupants Immunity*
  • Adding a relaxed mood to a space and it's inhabitants*

         *When used in conjunction with certain essential oils


  • It holds a massive 600ml of water
  • Runs for 20 hours continuously
  • Optional 3 downward projecting
  • mood lights
  • A low and high missing rate
  • Lovely wood finish
  • Puts out a cool vapour

How to use:

Place in desired position. Fill unit with measuring cup provided (or similar)

with water (distilled if no quality water is available) and add a few drops

of essential oil (optional). If using oils make sure they are suitable for children or pets (if applicable) and run for a maximum of 1 hour at a time.

It is more effective to treat illness by running for a few 45 min blocks at a variety of times throughout the day.

Plug in and turn on. Misting rate: 2 blue lights in high misting, 1 is low.

We recommend you make a note of the maximum fill level when filling

the unit the first time to make refilling easier.

In our experience it seems to have approximately 180ml of water left

when it requires a top up.


Humidifier & Aromatherapy diffuser

Add Healthful scent to your life

Humidifier/ Aromatherapy ball


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days


Does it matter what water I use? tap water is fine, but if you live in an area with hard water the calcium will build up

quicker on the ultrasonic plate and reduce it’s life expectancy.

Does it need cleaning? occasionally depending on the essential oils that you may be using.

After time they will leave a slight residue which can be wiped down with a cloth and mild detergent.

Can any essential oils be used in the water?  Yes any essential oils can be used and  just a few drops is required.

Please refer to our essential oil range for more information on oils for different uses such as sickness treatment

or prevention, mood uplifting or relaxing at the end of the day. (please ask about oils).

How long does the unit run? At High misting rate it will run consistently for 20 hours before you will need to top up

the water. There is no limit to the number of hours you can run the unit for, however if you are using essential oils, we do not recommend you run the diffuser for more than 1 hour at a time if people are in the space (as it is not a good idea to breath in oils all the time and the therapeutic effect starts to drops off after 45 mins of constant exposure). You are better off running it for three 45 min sessions throughout the day.

Also if their are children or pets present, please make sure the oils chosen are suitable for them too.

How will I know it needs more water? The lights will flash to let you know when it needs more water.  

What is the life expectancy of the device? I can’t give an exact answer. The supplier had a unit going 24 hours a day,  

almost every day for about 8 months before it finally stopped working. 


Size: 19 cm x 19.5 cm

 Output 18V

 Input 100-240 watt

 Mist rate: 15ml per hour

 Certification: CB, CE, EMC, GS, RoHS, SASO, UL, PSE ETL