Why choose Creative Harmony?~ because all of the services we offer are our Passion and Purpose in life....

We specialize in supporting you to tap in to your own wisdom through Hawaiian Massage, Energy & Sound Healing, Yoga and Dance. Holding sacred space for others to "tune in" is what comes naturally and is Gwynneth's gift....

A gift of a sacred Hawaiian flower unfolding as is it's natural purpose in life.

For as long as she can remember people have come to Gwynneth seeking her intuitive guidance and counsel or healing from her 

"magic hands". 


*MassageHealing:  Being told repeatedly that she "should be doing something with her magic hands" is what lead her to massage.

The reason Gwynneth chose Hawaiian massage is because it is so effective at working on all levels of the being, incorporates counselling when appropriate and is the only style that resonated deeply with her wisdom.


What's so special about Hawaiian massage?  when it is offered in an authentic manner (which unfortunately is not always the case in Australia), is that it is much much more than just a physical massage, though it does offer amazing, almost magical results on a physical level!

When you come for any "massage" what you receive here is a physical treatment as well as an energetic one, consciously or not.



At Creative Harmony we are very conscious of the importance of the energy exchange in the "healing" process,

as this is part of where the transformational gift lies for the client.


Part of the training to be a Hawaiian massage giver (and any good energy work) is allowing energy and wisdom to flow through you, not using your own energy or mind to navigate or "force" the treatment.


Our body will naturally let go of any diss-harmony (stress, tension, diss-ease) if we ask it energetically and physically to do so, rather than simply physically trying to remove knots and tension.


In ways, authentic Hawaiian massage and Sound Healing are not unlike Network Chiropractic as it 'regards your body as a whole, integrated system...It taps into the body's own potential to heal itself'. All the services offered at Creative Harmony are about working with the whole body and being, which leads to long lasting effects.


Yoga Charkra Trance Dancing women


 *Dance & Yoga offered by Creative Harmony also work with your bodies own wisdom to bring you into better alignment on a physical, mental and soul level; to support you to feel and be your best. 


 Gwynneth has always loved dance and found it a form of "medicine" for herself, particularly dancing with her eyes closed. There is deep healing and wisdom that can be reconnected with when we drop within ourselves, letting go of the outside world and shifting our perception into our internal landscape. We focus on our breath, sensation and our bodies guidance for authentic movement.


Movement, such as shaking, dancing or Yoga Asanas (postured) etc all have a deep effect on our body and being. We can influence our emotional state, our nervous system, hormonal balance, our sense of well being etc, just by engaging in the right sorts of movement particularly when it is combined with breath awareness and mindfulness. 

Both the Dance and Yoga offered combines these elements and more....


Yoga is a wonderful form of physical fitness when combined with the awareness of breath and mind. The classes taught by Creative Harmony can bring a deep sense of harmony to your mind, as well as uplifting your spirit and toning your body!


Of course like anything, it takes practice to bring quietness to the mind through Yoga, but once you have learned the way, the effects on your whole being can be quite profound. Come and Try a class and see how it feels for you.


In the end the most effective practitioner or treatment for anyone, is the one that resonates,

which is why there are so many options. Often the Services available at Creative Harmony do resonate as they offer 

a potent transformational elixir for a more Harmonious and happy, body, being and life!