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This option is Design for people who don't want a full body treatment, they would like to focus on a particular area to bring balance and harmony to their being.

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Do you have a particular area of your body that is in need of attention?

With whole body treatments the time is spent on your whole body, in these sessions we can focus all the time available on your area(s) of choice. 


Some possible combinations:

Neck, Back and shoulders

Arms, Neck, back and Shoulders

Legs and Back

Face, Neck and Back

Legs and Feet

Arms and Legs


~ Full Body Massage V Selected Areas ~

The benefit of a whole body treatment is that it has all areas covered. Often the area of your body where you may experience tension or pain, can be "referred pain" from another part of the body; for example you feel tension in your lower back, but your leg muscles are actually tight.


However in this treatment option more time can be spent on selected area(s). This type of session can be better suited to people who know that the place they need massaged is "X" as that is always their area of need. 


If you are new to massage, we recommend your first session be a full body treatment; this will give the therapist and yourself a better understanding of which areas are more likely to be in need of work for future treatments, if this you prefer this option.


Please Note, if the therapist notices during the session that another area of the body is out of balance, they will suggest this area be included (depending on timing).


In these sessions we focus on the area(s) required using the tools you wish ~Hot (and Cold) Stones, Massage, gentle passive stretching, Reiki and or Sound Healing. If you are wanting deep tissue work, hot stones** are utilized to assist with the manipulation of tightness and knots. The combination of heat penetrating the tissue and firm pressure helps the tension melt away. 

Please let us know if you are on any medication or have any health issues which means your skin cannot accurately sense heat, or it is unusually sensitive to heat. In these cases hot stones would not be appropriate.


60 mins ~ Check the Price

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