Creative Harmony~a life's work of Exploration, Learning & Wisdom

Created a powerful platform to support individuals to live a more harmonious, healthy and joyful life, & to empowers Businesses to become more successful by learning how best to support the whole, by focusing on each team member.

About Gwynneth

Hawaiian Massage Practitioner photo

Gwynneth is passionate about assisting others to be the best they can be, by supporting them to find their way of living in harmonious balance with themselves and therefore with everything. This  brings more joy, happiness and goodness for all and is in complete and easy alignment with

Hawaiian Huna (wisdom).


When Gwynneth discovered lomilomi massage and Hawaiian Huna in 2008, it resonated deeply within her being as the easiest and most natural way of empowering ourselves as creators.

She found it to be a deeper reflection of her own beliefs in life, encapsulated in a few guiding principals.

Most of what Gwynneth now offers or communicates to the world is informed by this wisdom, it's expression being simply present in her happy demenour and charitable approach in life.


Combining this approach with Yogic wisdom is a wonderfully powerful mix.

The knowledge, teachings and experience Gwynneth is able to bring to Creative Harmony's workshops, retreats, classes and one to one support sessions, is extensive and quite unique. She holds a deep understanding of the mind-body connection

which offers a way of managing lifes stressors with ease and grace.  


Gwynneths depth of understanding of the mind-body connection

and it's impact on our health is informed by her training in: 

  • Yoga (meditation, breath work, postures & philosophy)
  • Hawaiian Massage & Philosophy
  • Ayurveda (Ayur/Veda: Life/Knowledge) Indian approach to maintaining health, balance and wellness in life.
  • Energetic Healing : Sound Healing & Reiki
  • Dance (Our bodies wisdom)
  • DRUMBEAT using African drumming to treat Trauma and connect to self
  • Somatic Therapy (Our bodies wisdom)
  • Life: her extensive experience of holding clear space for individuals and groups to explore and expand.


Massage & Hawaiian wisdom

lomilomi Hawaiian massage, hot stones and sound healing space.
The Massage and Sound Harmony Healing space in Kununurra

 Gwynneth has been working as a Hawaiian Massage therapist since 2008 and as a dance facilitator since 2009. The training  and qualifications she received for these roles was from Charlie Mia Snow ~one of the only people in Australia who has been given permission from an Hawaiian elder to teach lomilomi.  This permission is important both out of respect for the Hawaiian traditions and also as a reflection of the authenticity of the teaching provided.


 Gwynneths passion for Hawaiian wisdom lead her to also attend a few workshops with a Hawaiian elder~Auntie Mahealani (Mahealani Kuamo'o-Henry, Kumu 'Elele 'O Na Kupunaonon the teachings of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala " Making right, more right the Path"~the Hawaiian traditional method for “reconnecting” Self to Self-Greatness, as rooted in the Ancient Hawaiian teachings.

In 2009 Gwynneth extended her Hawaiian massage repertoire by completed Hahana Hot and Cold Stone Massage Therapy training.  It is a Hawaiian form of Stone therapy, which combines Lomilomi with Stones and some meridian work based on Chinese Medicine.


Body wisdom

Pele empowered Hawaiian goddess, embodied consciousness, passion and wisdom
"Pele Honua Mea" by Herb Kawainui Kāne

Her love of our bodies wisdom really began in 1999 when she was introduced to somatic therapy and she later trained as a primal therapist in 2004.  The depth of understanding this therapy offers on how our body stores energy, can be the wisdom we require to move forward from an old "story" or pattern, in life. Gwynneth does not practice as a therapist in this field, but her understanding of Trauma ~how it can manifest and the impact it can have on us ~ has been an invaluable tool in her work as a massage therapist; working with clients that have experienced physical or emotional trauma and are relearning "safe" touch and in her work with children~ in a school environment, as a Nanny and now as a Tutor for for the Department of Child Protection and Family Support, where she is working with children whom have sometimes experienced recent and severe trauma.

 The other aspect of this understanding that she does work with a lot, is our bodies wisdom. Dreamweaver Dance has moved a little away from explicitly working with Hawaiian principals to more of a focus on using our bodies consciousness to navigate our lives. Part of this is informed by the Hawaiian idea that our gut "na'au" is like an umbilical cord to our higher consciousness or guidance; interestingly this idea that our gut is a second "mind" has been recently reflected in scientific discoveries  suggesting we should trust our "guts" as they are a good guide of our emotional response.


On a practical level, Gwynneth has found that when she chooses to be guided by her "gut instincts" she is more connected to the mystery of life and choices made from this place, lead to a magical unfolding flow in life. 


It was her gut instinct that lead her back to India in 2015 to train as a Yoga Teacher and to also to become Certified in  Ayurveda. Her love of Yoga and Yogic wisdom informs her daily practice and is often shared in the form of stretching techniques to massage clients.

She is also offering Ayurvedic Head massage as she was taught in India, which is a powerful tool for healing particularly if you have a busy mind or an over active nervous system. It tends to drop the energy out of the head and back into the wholeness of your being in a simple but profound manner. 

Energetic Healing

Reiki hands on cat bringing harmony, joy, happiness and health.
A creative visual of energetic (Reiki) healing.

Another connection with the magic of life, is using Reiki and Sound Healing to clear, shift or resolve issues.

Gwynneth has used this with clients who wish to alleviate or change emotional or mental patterning and also in clearing physical aliments like acute eczema, where massage is not appropriate. She had a session a few years ago where the client had eczema all over his legs. She massaged his upper body and applied Reiki to his lower body (and sound to his whole body). The results were miraculous. He called Gwynneth 2 days later to say that the eczema had almost completely disappeared and he had never seen anything like it.

There is a magic that happens when you work with sound and energy. If you believe that we are all energy, it makes sense that if we adjust the energy our body or being is experiencing to match that which is our "healthy and harmonious frequency" then healing will occur. 

She has been Reiki attunes to level 2 since 2007 and is currently completing a certificate in Sound Healing at

Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. She has been delivering Sound Healing and Reiki sessions since 2008. 

Mindfulness & Teaching

Regarding Tutoring ~ Gwynneth has been working with children on and off for 25 years. She has worked in schools, kindergartens (with a Montessori trained teacher), as a Nanny, as an after school carer, as a live in parent replacement (while the parents were overseas) In 2014-16  she was contracted by the Department of Communities  (formally know as the Department for Child Protection and Family Support) in Kununurra as the tutor for children in care. She is now again working for the department of Communities as a tutor in Albany (July 2018 - present).


Gwynneth is a natural teacher, the combination of her innate aptitude for teaching, her knowledge absorbed by experience and her interest in the creative process, makes her a wonderfully attentive tutor.

She has a very calm, caring attitude and a desire to find the most natural method for each child to engaged in their learning process; this creates a harmonious and happy learning environment and outcome for the children and potentially (especially for

younger children) creates a foundation of empowered enthusiasm to fuel their learning process from now on.